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I’m Jess, a photographer and crafter living in the Baltimore area with my little family – my husband, our son, and our adorable cats, Spoops and Merlin. If you’re into crafts of all sorts, cooking, baking, and pretty photos, you’ll feel right at home here! I’m excited to share recipes, DIYs, favorite books, and new projects with you. I’ve never met a craft I didn’t like, from fiber art to photography, gardening, baking, and cooking, drawing, painting, paper crafts, woodworking, and more. I firmly believe that regularly engaging in fun, creative projects is a critical part of self-care: excellent for relieving stress, a healthy alternative to excess screen time, and a great way to build confidence in kids and adults alike.

I recently (May 2024) graduated with my degree in Environmental Science! I’m passionate about the environment and try to tailor my crafting to be as low impact as possible, using re-purposed materials, eco-friendly options, and exploring what’s local and sustainable in food. I also love nature photography and documenting fun in the great outdoors, like geocaching and camping trips.

Live in the area and want to collaborate? I’d love to help out with a styled shoot, photograph your products, shoot portraits or lifestyle sessions, or provide coverage for your events and weddings.

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