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Dragon Scale Birthday Cake

I’m really happy with how this dragon scale cake came out for my son’s birthday! I used this petal cake tutorial, offsetting the petals to go for more of a scale look. The inspiration for the two-tone design came from this Game of Thrones viewing party cake (I even had a similar wood slice from our wedding to place the cake on!). I like how my cake came out too, but I’d like to practice the technique more. One thing that I learned is to take breaks and put the icing bag in the fridge for a few minutes – the petals don’t form when the icing has been too warm from being in your hands and the second color’s layer slips off the icing dots when you smooth them out to form the scale shape.

I knew the decoration would take a lot of time, so I used chocolate cake mix, prepared chocolate icing for the inner layers, a prepared, colored red icing, and white icing that I tinted myself with gel icing colors for the gray portions. I’m still working on unclenching when it comes to every single thing being 100% home crafted from scratch… 🙂 But realistically, it makes a lot of sense when I want to focus on decorating and not feel rushed.

Most importantly my son was really happy with the cake, both in appearance and taste!

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