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Download this 7 page PDF of kitchen organization printables, free! 🙂 I made this set of printables recently to get the kitchen organized and wanted to share them here!

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While stuck in the house due to the pandemic, we started going through spices and different areas of the kitchen to re-organize. I found that while we were out of some things we use a lot (like basil!), we also had somehow ended up with four containers of garlic. I made the spice and pantry inventory pages to keep a list of what we already have on hand so we can only buy want we need and avoid food waste and overspending by buying too much. You can use the boxes to make check marks or write a number to keep track of quantities of different items.

Speaking of overspending, if you’re watching your grocery budget, making a weekly meal plan and sticking to it will do wonders for your spending. I’ve included a meal plan and grocery list template to keep you organized and on track!

I also added a template for creating your own recipes, because I usually end up writing them on random scraps of paper and they get lost too easily! This way you can keep them organized in a binder or folder so they’ll stay neat and clean.

Add in a blank list page to make your own and a lined notes page, this is a great start to get you organized!