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Tacha – Yoga Session at Patapsco State Park

I met up with Tacha recently on a gorgeous autumn day and I wanted to share a few highlights! Tacha is a beautiful Baltimore based yogi that was a joy to photograph and chat with while we worked. I loved getting the chance to shoot fitness photos, especially yoga, as I’m getting back into my own practice. My goal is to eventually work on my yoga every morning before work because I can feel such a difference in my day when I get it in early! Tacha radiates that peaceful yogi vibe that we’re all aspiring to and it made our shooting time all the more enjoyable. And check out those autumn colors too – we lucked out in all ways possible for this shoot!

You can learn more about Tacha’s practice and classes on her Facebook page and Instagram! I especially love Tacha’s Veterans Yoga Project – she assists veteran and active duty service members in recovering from trauma and improving resiliency through a yoga practice and I think it is such a great way to serve the community.

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