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Small Foods 2017 @ the American Visionary Art Museum

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We are obsessed with tiny food – tiny anything, really – and it all started a few years ago with that adorable hamster eating his own hamster-proportionate burrito. I’ve since subscribed to tiny food YouTube channels such as Bistro Miniature, Miniature Space, and Pocket Resort and I’m absolutely enthralled by the careful design and construction of all of the tiny meals featured. My family teases me for thinking everything is cute (and I do enjoy all sorts of cute things), but my curiosity got the best of me and I asked the internet – but why do we love tiny things? The answer I came across was pretty interesting and makes a lot of sense. We can use tiny things to create peaceful, controllable worlds to escape our day to day stress.

And they’re cute.

I was extremely excited when I saw that the amazing American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore was hosting the Small Foods Party, a tiny food competition featuring categories for both kids and adults. The AVAM is exciting to visit because it features only artists without formal training and exhibits some really unique work. They’re also the host of the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race coming up in May. The Small Foods Party included a great local DJ, Landis Expandis, and drew a good sized crowd, but wasn’t overwhelming. The kids competition began first and it was really fun to sample their creations – you can tell the kids put a lot of hard work into their food! There were winners announced for the kids’ division but all participants received museum passes, which I thought made for a wonderful prize.

The adult competition began an hour later and the level of detail put into not just the food, but the table themes and decor were all really impressive and so much fun to see. Some participants were even in costume to fit with their themed food! We tried mini pizzas, had a tiny beer, tiny s’mores, pies, and even experienced an entire tiny food camping trip. I’m already so excited for next year’s event and I definitely plan on participating!

As an added bonus, this year’s Small Foods Party benefits Moveable Feast, a local non-profit that delivers healthy meals to those battling HIV/AIDS and cancer. Visit their site to find out more ways to support their mission!


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