As soon as the cool weather sets in, I can feel it in my skin! I can never seem to find just the right moisturizer to help combat the cold air outside and the dry heat indoors. This year, I decided to make my own heavy duty moisturizer to keep painfully dry skin at bay. This shea butter and almond recipe makes a moisturizer that really penetrates the skin and absorbs well. The ingredients are perfect for sensitive skin too and when you DIY, it is easy to swap out ingredients for those that you know are ideal for your skin type. Vitamin E oil and coconut oil are also great potential ingredients to use in heavy, winter moisturizers depending on what makes your skin happy.

I bought my oils in bulk from Bulk Apothecary because I will be making shea butter soap as well that I will share here in a few days! I’ve been shopping with Bulk Apothecary for over a year now, their prices are excellent, and I like that bulk purchasing reduces the amount of packaging used. The jars I use to store my homemade products in are recycled too (just be sure to sterilize before reuse). I’m trying to be more conscious of the resources I use and the trash generated from day to day activities and product use.

Give this moisturizer recipe a try – you will love the silky smooth texture and how it absorbs quickly into your skin.

Shea Butter Almond Oil Lotion Moisturizer



Measure your shea butter into a double boiler or microwave-safe glass bowl. Heat until it is soft, about 30 seconds in the microwave. Add the almond oil and essential oil (start with 10-15 drops – I usually like 20-25) and blend thoroughly with a mixer. Allow the oils to cool until almost firm, and mix again until oils are smooth and creamy. Store in a tightly sealed jar.